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Frequently Asked Questions

The simple answer is No.
The free account is available for personal use and by written application only. Please get in touch via the contact page.
If you wish to use your twitter wall for any sort of public, corporate or educational event you must upgrade to the Pro account.

Unfortunately we have had a number of users abuse our service and good will, and as such all accounts are now limited to display a maximum of 5 tweets. Further to this, the tweets will not automatically update either.

To remove this restriction you will be required to upgrade to a Pro account, which is also required if you wish to use your twitter wall for an event. See question above.

We apologise for this inconvenience but the abusive minority have left us no choice. :(

Full screen is enabled differently on different browsers. Below is how this can be done on some of the more common browsers:

Internet Explorer

Firstly turn off the Status Bar, if it is visible, by press the following key sequence:

  • ALT
  • V
  • T
  • S

Now full screen mode can be toggled using F11.

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

Press F11 to toggle full screen
Note: some laptops require FN + F11 to toggle full screen

Apple Safari - Pre-OSX 10.7 (Lion)

  • Command + Option + D
  • Command + Shift + \ (hide bookmarks bar) AND/OR Command + / (to hide status bar)
  • Align window to top left corner
  • Drag corner of window to bottom corner.

Apple Safari – Post OSX 10.7 (Lion)

Press Shift + Command + F

Yes – Your wall is constantly looking for new Tweets to make sure you don’t miss a message.

All operands available on Twitter are also available on TweetMonsters, so for example, to search for Tweets from Tweet Monsters, type "from:tweet_monsters", without quotes, in the search field on the customise my wall pages. See all operands available on Twitter to help better customise the Tweet stream on your wall.

Below is a list of photo types that can be used:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF

Automatic moderation uses a filter list of words, which will either remove all tweets containing those filter words or obscure the words in the tweet – the choice is yours.
Manual moderation gives you the ability to approve or reject any Tweets before displaying it regardless of content, keeping you fully in control of what is seen by your audience.

Moderation is available for Pro account holders only. If you would like to see try this feature, just give us a shout via Twitter or Facebook and we would be pleased to upgrade your account.

Yes – by default on all accounts images are shown. They can be disabled only on a Pro account by changing the "Show photos" drop down to "Hide Photos" on the Search Tweets screen.

Yes – this is wall sharing. You can send someone a link to your wall and once they have logged in with their own Twitter account details they will be able to view your wall.

With a Pro account you can stop sharing your wall with other people by changing the Visible to Public option to "No" in the My Account page.

To remove the branding, simply navigate to the My Account page and change the Show Tweet Monsters Branding option to "No".

Please note: Covering, hiding or otherwise removing our branding without prior written consent or a license is a breach of our terms and conditions and will result in your account being banned. We have made our service extremely affordable to all users, and as such, we have a zero tolerance policy against this sort of behaviour. Play nice people!!!

We have a fixed limit on the number of characters visible on the wall, this ensures that the tweet is readable from a distance and means that some content will be cut off.

See the demos for details.

The simple answer is no, the image has has been placed at the given size to ensure readability of the tweet from a distance.

See the demos for details.

Any size picture will be adjusted to fill the display but we recommend creating a background image the same size as your display resolution to avoid the image getting stretched, squashed, pixelated or cropped.

To advertise, please get in touch with us via our Contact page and we will discuss your requirements.

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