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Twitter Wall Features - Go Pro!

Tweet Monsters is an easy to use twitter wall service that can be up and running within a minute.
It's simple yet professional, including features such as Moderation, Word filters and more...


Make your twitter wall suit your mood or corporate style. Choose from a number of fonts and unlimited colours. Even upload your own background image


Whether you want a high energy, fast paced transition or a calming transition, you can select different ways for your Tweets to appear and disappear.


Tweets now contain photos and not just words. Tweet Monsters also allows you to display these photos, giving that extra level of detail.


We would love you to let people know that you are using Tweet Monsters but if you don’t want our branding on your twitter wall, no problem. Simply remove it with a click of a button.

Automatic Moderation

With a customisable word filter list, Tweet Monsters can automatically moderate your tweets, either removing any offending tweets or by obscuring the offending words – it’s your choice.

Manual Moderation

Want more control over which tweets are displayed? Manual moderation requires you to approve tweets before they are displayed, giving you total control of the content. (Pro only)

Live Twitter Wall

Working with the Twitter, your wall will be constantly updating, ensuring the latest tweets are displayed and your audience are always in the loop.

Get Social

Share your wall so it can be viewed in multiple locations and engage even more people. Don’t just advertise your twitter account, let people see it on your customised twitter wall.


Our responsive platform means you can access Tweet Monsters from your computer, tablet or mobile phone, allowing you to control your twitter wall on the go.

Get started today!

Take your twitter wall to the next level. More control without the headache!

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